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Triad Discipleship Groups
What are Triads? Triads are groups of three to four students who are committed to meeting together regularly to pray with each other, study through God’s Word, live out biblical truths, and grow together. They are led by one or two leaders or staff members. They are more than just a bible study– this is a place where relationships are formed. In addition to Triads, one-on-one discipleship is available as well, if preferred.
Tuesday Night Meetings
In addition to Triad groups, we believe it is important to gather as a large group to worship God in community. We will meet up every Tuesday night on campus!
In a rotating schedule of every four weeks, we will enjoy fellowship through family dinners, bible study, tools/skills, and musical worship/prayer/student testimonies.
All Tuesday meetings will be held in room 212 of the Spiritual Center
from 6:15-7:15PM
 Family Dinner and Sermon: First Tuesday of the month 
Bible Study: Second Tuesday of the month
Tool Time: Third Tuesday of the month
Prayer and Worship: Fourth Tuesday of the month
For more information or to be added to our GroupMe, contact Kayla Smith at
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