partner opportunities

Ministry Team

Our team of campus ministers raise their own funds to do God’s work on campus: making disciples of college students that will live out the Great Commission during and after their time at Penn State.
If you would like to partner with the staff directly, contact them, or give to them, their information can be found on the page Meet The Staff

New Life Student Fellowship

New Life is a student organization at Penn State where we are all about the unshakable command of Christ to “make disciples” in the Great Commission. We prayerfully strive to play our role in a student’s life to make whole life disciples for their whole lives. We do this tangibly by our 242 New Life small groups where we create an environment for students to connect with God, and each other, on a deeper level. These small group bible studies promote discussion and allow questions to be asked about Scripture. Students can encourage and challenge each other as they grow in their relationships with God and others.

NewLife Partners Foundation

The vision for the foundation is to help promote the growth of the ministry, and connect our partners to students for dual-benefit relationships during and after college. We hope to create a network for students to connect into, while using our alumni as resources for life and faith.

Click to support New Life. All donations go to the general fund. Add ‘Missions’ or ‘Pons Mission Fund’ in the comments for our student mission scholarship fund.

Please update us on highlights in your life to put into our newsletter for other New Lifers to know…

Support the Mission

NewLife Partners Foundation is the funding mechanism for the work at Penn State New Life. NewLife Partners Foundation is an officially recognized 501c3 organization.  This work continues and expands because of the generosity of partners and friends of our ministry.