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Triad Discipleship Groups
In our triad groups we spend time each week praying with each other, studying through God’s Word and applying His truths to our lives, and growing together. Triad groups are small groups of three to four students. They are more than just a bible study– this is a place where relationships are formed. In addition to triad groups, we serve the campus, and offer weekly large group meetings with the whole crew.

Wednesday Large Group Meetings

In addition to weekly triad groups, we believe it is important to gather as a large group to worship God in community.  We will meet up every Wednesday. In a rotating schedule of every four weeks, we will enjoy fellowship through family dinners, worship, tools/skills, and prayer.
All Wednesday Large Groups will be held in the Room 212 in the Spiritual Center at 6PM
 Family Dinner: First Wednesday of the month
Prayer: Second Wednesday of the month
Tool Time: Third Wednesday of the month
Worship and bible study: Fourth Wednesday of the month
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