Ministry Team

Our team of campus ministers raise their own support to do God's work on campus making disciples of college students that will continue the great commission throughout the world during and after leaving Penn States campus.
If you would like to partner with Johnny or Eric contact them through their information on Meet The Team

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Glocal Resources

Glocal was created to facilitate the growth and development of New Life Fellowship at Penn State University and Hope For Honduras. We are excited to take this step and bring even more opportunities into reality as we meet needs both locally & globally, hence the marriage of global and local… becoming Glocal Resources.

New Life

Our desire for our New Life small groups is to create an environment for students to connect with God and each other on a deeper level.  In small groups its easier to get to know each other and share our struggles.  Also small group dynamics make discussion more natural and allow us to ask questions about scripture and better encourage and challenge each other as we grow in our relationship with God and others.

Hope for Honduras

Our partnership with Honduras began in May 2002 with a trip to La Acequia, a town of approximately 1000 people, in which we helped build a house for a new pastor of a new church there.  We now are focusing on five main areas of ministry in La Acequia. We clearly want the people there to know Jesus in a personal way. Life is found in Christ alone. Other priorities include Health, Education, Leadership development and Poverty alleviation.

Support the Mission

Glocal Resources is the funding mechanism for the work in Honduras as well as on campus at Penn State.  Glocal Resources is an officially recognized  501c3 organization.  This work continues and expands because of the generosity of partners and friends of our ministry.