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Connecting to God's mission is a natural extension of connection with God.Since 2002, New Life has been privileged to serve the impoverished town of La Acequia, Honduras.  We've been blessed to see God effecting real change in the community.  We invite you to get connected on a deeper level by being part of what God is doing on a Global scale.
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The Mission

Our partnership with Honduras began in May 2002 with a trip to La Acequia, a town of approximately 1000 people, in which we helped build a house for a new pastor of a new church there.  We now are focusing on five main areas of ministry in La Acequia. We clearly want the people there to know Jesus in a personal way. Life is found in Christ alone. Other priorities include Health, Education, Leadership development and Poverty alleviation.
We are assisting in the area of public health through a water development project helping provide both quantity and quality water and through providing medicine and wound care to needy individuals.We are also trying to develop leaders in the community who will lead from a servant’s heart and character. Every year we have connected leaders from the community to The Conference On Honduras, a collaboration of NGO’s working toward the development of Honduras. We also have provided assistance in hands-on leadership in the community,including an extensive community assessment profile.Lastly we are trying to provide as many opportunities for economic development through resourcing and education on managing money and small business development.